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PDF:Reports and Communiques Issued on some of the Research and Mobilization Activities of Kebetkache

Over the years, Kebetkache has continuously mobilized and sensitized communities in the Niger Delta especially the rural communities of oil drilling zones, on various human and social rights and how they can exercise these rights. These workshop activities are mostly sponsored by donor organizations like OXFAM, Ford Foundation, WRAPA, CORDAID etc. Workshops range from capacity building on needs assessment, taxation, to participatory budgeting and implementation monitoring.

Below are reports from some of Kebetkache activities carried out to achieve the goal of empowering and enlightening the women of Niger Delta.

Akwa Ibom 13%
Download • 18KB
Rivers state 13%
Download • 11.14MB

R2SN Training Communique_Sept2020
Download DOCX • 17KB

Questions on the utilisation of the 13
Download DOCX • 15KB

Download PDF • 164KB


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