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Join well over one hundred women from across West and Central Africa as they unite on the frontlines of the climate crisis in the Niger Delta (Nigeria). Between October 17 - 20, 2022, women activists from ten countries in the two sub-regions will learn from and teach each other, build their skills and knowledge for radicalised organising, and connect their struggles for climate justice. Music, poetry, stories, film, and theatre will be explored throughout as beautiful weapons in our struggle.

This gathering of the world’s most impacted people will put a spotlight on the gendered impacts and costs of a rapidly warming climate in which rural working-class African women have played no role whatsoever. In fact, Africa has contributed between 2-3% of all carbon emissions emitted since the industrial revolution in the West in the late-1800s.

The Women's Climate Assembly will be a space to celebrate, strengthen and unify women-led struggles against destructive large-scale projects and false solutions. REAL and JUST solutions to the climate crisis will be explored and translated into concrete demands to African governments and negotiators in the upcoming 27th Conference of the Parties (COP 27).

The time for climate justice is NOW!

This engagement represents the start of a permanent assembly of African women for climate and development justice. Read more about the assembly and its importance as we head to COP27 in Egypt, the so-called "African COP" where the voices of African women must be at the forefront!

Please help us spread the word about the West & Central Africa Women's Climate Assembly using this Social Media Share Pack: DOWNLOAD ⇒!


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